Is This You?

Queens and Jeans: Looking good in the backseat, a smooth drive past the trash.  Envy to be a queen in a convertible with a towering crown.

Matching jeans and winter boots, walking.  Pink bows and ponytails are perfection.

Patterns to Protect Identity.



Is This You?

Preparing tasty meat; Is this you?  All beef 1/4lb with condiments makes the meal.  Straw hat, choosing glassware, decorative or functional?  Sun searing the arm is for functional use only.

Patterns for Identity Protection.


Is This You?

Is this you admiring the past, considering the provenance or adding to a collection?        You will soon have the chance to consider and admire the Starbucks cup.

Is this you adding to YOUR collection, home or office, red or khaki, shorts or pants?

Patterns for Identity Protection.p1blog7p2blog7


Is This You?

Fascination with the solitary martini, tea table and patterned cloth.  Are you solitary by choice? Waiting for a partner?  Is this you in the pre-game festivities; reaching for another; thinking about the pace.  Patriotic, All-American; its represented.

Patterns to Protect Identity.photo1b6p2blog6

Is This You?

Is this you in the football parade; in this line of unity? Are you the girl in the small, festive pink skirt?  Are you the ones making plans; focused on your day, bags filled with items to complete the party.

Patterns to protect identity.